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"A few months ago I came here asking for help. I was struggling with the decision on whether to abort or not and with multiple health risks regarding the pregnancy/abortion PLUS my partner was basically forcing the abortion on me. In the end I continued my pregnancy which was extremely high risk. 3 days ago my little guy was born at 36+3 via c-section due to the fibroid that made a termination nearly impossible. Thank you all who made me realize that I am more important than a selfish man that did not care about my health at all. Thanks for straying me away from the dangerous clinics. Thanks for all the advice. Although I did have my baby I am so glad this group was here and that I was able to receive some support when I felt so alone."
“I found out I was pregnant 4 weeks ago today, and I had an abortion 2 weeks ago today. This sub has been HUGELY helpful - thank you. I've spent many hours reading the stories of women across the world who have been in the same position as me. It helped me know what to expect, and made me feel like I wasn't alone. I'd like to return the favour so if anyone has any questions or wants to talk I'm more than happy to support you. I'm 30, Scottish, and in a loving relationship, but it just wasn't right for us.”
"As I've tried to work my way through my emotions once again I am continually brought back to the support provided to me on this thread when I was deeply fresh in my confusion and hurt. I still constantly recommend this thread to anyone I know facing a pregnancy scare or who is working through their own abortion story, and it is wonderful to see support still provided literally every single day here. You were here when I needed you. THANK YOU!!!"
“Exactly a year ago today I came to this subreddit, to all of you, scared and hopeless. I was much too far along in an unplanned pregnancy to get an abortion in my home state. I felt like I had no options left at my stage. The kind and welcoming people of this subreddit gave me advice and pointed in correct directions to the extent that it changed my entire life. From my very first post I was welcomed, validated and comforted. I was scared but I felt like I had an army behind me.”
“r/abortion is the best place to get answers. They have the most up to date information and a moderation team dedicated to providing accurate answers.Access is changing every day and it's hard to keep up”
“I just want to thank you for including the information on financial assistance. I reached out to a local organization, via your link, and was able to get $300 assistance towards my abortion, which was half. I cannot thank you and this group enough for helping me get through this difficult time, even just as a lurker.”
“I know that maybe no one will see this comment, but after reading through these again, I am SOBBING. You all are so kind and thoughtful with your words and I can't express my gratitude. My abortion was successful although I am still very much struggling and have no support in that aspect. My husband is extremely dismissive of my feelings”
"I posted here a few days before that because I was so nervous for traveling by myself out of state to get it done, and I got so many kind responses and DMs from the community. I really appreciate that this subreddit exists, because I didn't really have anyone else that I could talk to about it. I did have people who supported me through it all but talking about abortion always kind of makes people uncomfortable and I feel like this is something that you can only really understand if you've been through it."
“I recently found out I was pregnant and I was petrified. I was in tears at the thought of having to go into the clinic by myself and was on the verge of backing out all together just out of fear. I browsed this thread for hours and felt so much better reading everyone's stories. I felt like if so many people could do it and be ok, I could also. Everyone in this thread made it so less scary for me. And I'm so grateful for that. I ended up miscarrying, but I'll never forget the feeling of coming on here and those nasty feelings of shame just disappearing. Love to everyone”
“I lurked basically from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Everyone’s experiences were helpful to me because I felt I knew more firsthand what to expect. And the comfort that brought me is why I shared my experience. And why I’ve been active on reddit since. The feeling of helping others is a way I’ve been able to turn an otherwise awful life experience into something at least somewhat good.”
"I took a pregnancy test this morning. It came back NEGATIVE and I've stopped bleeding. I am so relieved. It feels like I can finally move on with my life. I want to thank everyone here for their support, advice, and kind words. It's a scary thing to go through, but knowing I wasn't alone made it much easier to deal with. To those who are going through it now, you are seen <3 and you've got this I'll be deleting this account now, for privacy reasons. I want to give a special thank you to the moderators of this page. You are real life heroes."
“I wanted to thank all of you who helped me out the other day when I was feeling like I wanted to die because I couldn't seem to find a provider who would do an SA in a clinic due to having previous c- sections. I have great news! I did end up finding a clinic in PA that is going to do it in their clinic this Saturday!!! I've been able to secure funding to cover all but $200 of the cost, which I do have saved for this purpose. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the advice and recommendations you all gave me. You've literally saved my life and I want to say THANK YOU so much! This group is a blessing!”
"I was so helpless and scared and having anxiety attacks throughout the whole process and it was because of this sub that I survived. I live in a country where abortion is looked down upon and I didn't have a doctor. I relied totally on the internet and the advice I got on this sub. Although I have now deleted most of my annoying questions due to privacy reasons but I just can't thank the moderators enough. I asked a hundred questions here and some of them were really silly and I see people asking the same questions again and again because they're all scared and the mods answer each one of them and with so much patience and kindness."
“I was so scared and anxious. I decided to see if there was a Reddit forum to help and found this wonderful family. Thank you for all the posts and explanations, there were moments on Thursday night where I felt alone, crazy, delirious, sad and nauseous. I came here and found that what I experienced was ok and even normal. I have been coming back again and again to this thread since and it’s one of the only things that makes me feel ok right now.”
"I wrote here last week about some retained tissue and my problems getting checked. I'd like to thank the mods for taking the time to reply and for giving me advice. After reading the responses I realised it wasn't right the way I was being dismissed. To cut a long story short I've now been properly checked, blood tests etc. It all seems to be going well and I'm just relieved that everything is almost over."
“I’m grateful for everyone who gave me advice and help with getting funding for my medical abortion! I’m so happy and thankful for the people and organizations who care! If I could hug and kiss all the people who helped and supported me through this I would!!”
“I'm so grateful I found this sub and thanks to every post I read here. I got more information and support here than my healthcare provider gave me.”
“I've decided to keep my baby (I just need to vent) I want to first say this group is amazing. Every post/comment is so helpful and so informative. I learned about my rights as a woman and genuinely it makes me feel more empowered to move with confidence no matter what decision I made. I love how we have this space as women (and others) to fall back on considering that this is such a touchy subject in the public world.”
“I've had Reddit for a few years and have always googled a few things and never really can find answers or at least the exact answer or opinion I'm looking for. So I turn to Reddit every time and always find comfort, answers and other solutions I'd never even think of (like taking these pills vaginally).”
"I've never used Reddit before and this is the only community I could find that provided post abortion support without shame, judgment, and anti choice guilt.I don't know anyone in real life that's been through this. It's been exhausting looking for support while the mainstream conversation around abortion recently has (obviously) revolved around fighting for the right."
“I’ve used Reddit in the past before but I'm not someone who frequents often. When I was looking for information or support or just anything at all I thought to look here. I assumed there had to be a community that spoke about experiences and information and I'm so glad I did.”
“Oh my gosh, you helped me so much. I read your post and I told my bf as we walked to the clinic of what you said, to let my feelings and thoughts come and go as they pass through me and I told him he could do the same if he has a hard time and he loved it just as much as I did. It helped us so much. <3 Thank you for your support last week.”
“Planned parenthood is so confusing to navigate, they don't accept my insurance and my medical provider is now saying the only way it's covered is if I get a referral from my doctor. My health provider is notoriously hated by all those who have it by taking forever to do things. I just want this to be over with and done. I'm so sad. I feel like a disappointment for even getting myself in this situation. The longer it takes to get it done the more I hate myself. Not because I'm debating or going back and forth decision-wise, but because the longer it takes the less time I have to get it done. I can't tell my mom because she's pro-life. I told my dad but it's just been hard keeping it from my mom. I am seriously starting to hate myself and don't want to get out of bed. Update: I just wanted to update you and say thank you for the help on my post. FPA Women's Health was amazing. I got an appointment today and got the MA pills this afternoon! You're a lifesaver, I appreciate you and all the other moderators who make the subreddit possible.”
"I tried to ask my primary doctor for suggestions on where to go and they had basically no information for me. Seriously thank you, you are extremely helpful. This gives me a great start of other places to look it seemed like my options were much more limited before this."
“Please don't sic the Reddit help bots on me. I'm not unwell, just looking for comfort. Feeling like I'm not alone. I am so scared to post this, but I guess here goes. Edit: I just want to say thanks to everyone who responded. I woke up today freaking out thinking Iwas going to hear a bunch of people telling me I’m sick or something and instead I've been battling tears all day knowing that other people feel this way too and I'm not alone. This sub is amazing. Thank you.”
“r/abortion is a fantastic subreddit, btw. If you have specific questions about the process, who to call,where to get pills (they can be ordered online), please read their fantastic wiki or post questions there.”
“Thank you so much by the way you've honestly been a really big help and very knowledgeable. I really appreciate having an outside person to talk to without judgment or too much emotion involved. Everyone around me has seen more emotional than I have through this so i feel I've had to stay so strong except online.”
“Thank you to everyone. I had posted a few days ago about having suspicions that i was still pregnant after taking abortion pills. I was able to an appointment out of state to see how far I am now and also get the abortion June 1. I don't feel regret for what i am doing but i feel fear. I have 2 kids to think about and have had medical problems for over a year now. Thanks to the links and resources i was given from my last post, I was able to find a clinic. Thank you everyone.”
“Thanks again for all the information and support during this!! You guys running the sub also do such important work providing information that otherwise would be so difficult to find!!!”
"The emotional and logistical support on this sub is unmatched. ❤️ Thank you for hearing me."
“There's no telling how many people this sub has helped and are continuing to help! It's truly amazing! Thank y'all so much for everything that y'all do!”
“This by far has been the most comforting and supportive space I've ever experienced and I'm extremely grateful to you all that assist others with advice or kind words even the ones that watch silently and send prayers and/ or good vibes, I want to thank you too. I'm currently sitting here on my bed, 13+2 weeks pregnant, and I've finally decided that I will keep my baby and ensure that they have an amazing life. Some things will have to change, but that's okay and expected. I've came here desperate for advice multiple times throughout the past 13 weeks and I was never once urged to make a set decision, but instead made aware that I am not alone and the decision is MINE and support is available to me either which way I go. You all really helped me in ways even the people closest to me in my life could not have! And for that I will forever be so so so grateful. So this is a thank you post to this community and everything you all do to help. I wish I could do more than just say thank you, but today I'm hopefully sending good vibes back to everyone that assisted with kindness and selflessness and to anyone that needs it or just needs a pick me up.”
“This has been the most emotionally confusing thing I have ever gone through. However, I feel like this subreddit was here for me every step of the way. If it wasn’t for this group I wouldn’t of known about aidaccess, or that I would need anti-nausea pills, Gatorade, heating pad etc. I feel so grateful to have had a resource like this to help me get through something so intense. Also, this group helped me get access to a post abortion workbook that is AMAZING and has helped me through my healing journey very much.”
"This is super hopeful so thank you so much. I just reached out to both organizations today so will wait a little longer before freaking out more. One of the biggest challenges has been needing to commit to a facility and book flights before any of the financing has been secured. Also, this thread has meant the world to me. It's the most help and guidance we've gotten since this started. So thank you."
"This subreddit was the first people I told when I found out I was pregnant and the people who supported me the most through the horrible process, especially more than my unkind partner at the time."
"To be honest, I got some of the best sleep I have gotten in weeks last night. I'm not nauseous today. I'm bleeding a bit but that's all. I feel normal. And relieved. And thank you to everyone on this reddit who helped me ❤️. I honestly don't think I could've taken the pills without the advice and support. I didn't feel much pain, and it honestly just felt like I was having a sick day in bed. I don't understand why I was ever so nervous about it. The best advice I was given was that this is MY journey. How it goes and how I receive the pain is up to me. It can go better or worse depending on how bad I panic or how bad I stress. So the best thing I could do was to not stress or panic or fear anything. And it went well. Just wanted to say thank you though (: "
“The abortion sub is fantastically supportive. Go there, get hugs from people going through the same thing.”
“[username] wrote a response to me as well that literally felt like a gift. I kept opening Reddit up just to read the comforting words of a stranger and it helped to balance me out. I was floored that someone who doesn't know me could show such love toward me. It's been almost three months for me, and things have settled into a less emotional form of regret that I've been trying to transform into a positive force for change, so if I ever find myself pregnant again, I can react with joy and optimism. But sometimes I come back to the feeling, as if it were yesterday, and in those times reddit is such an amazing tool in that toolbox.”
“Thank you for your kind words. Words of reassurance. Thank you, for being so open and honest. For being so strong. For being a safe space for my feelings and thoughts, as well as for other women like me. Every single story on this sub is a constant reminder that I am not alone, and a constant reminder that I have a support system with others who know how I feel. This Sub has helped me in my healing journey more than I ever thought it would. So many years I carried shame, regret, anger,sadness, depression, ect.Having this outlet has saved my life. Just the simple fact that I know I'm not alone in this journey makes everything just a little bit lighter to carry. So thank you, every single one of you. I'm so thankful for you all.”

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